Price: $125

State: Washington
City: Port Angeles
Zip code: 98363
Type: Animals

I got these 2 girls about 2 weeks ago, and now have 2 wethers. I jumped in over my head. I am wanting to keep the wethers but for the right price would sell them too. The girls are great they just need and want more attention than I have been able to give them. I tried to put the wethers in with them and that didn't go to well. I have a small goat area and am not able to close them off so they can get to know each other, right now I have the boys living in my old chicken shed at night and tethered during the day. One of the girls is really usiing her horns on the boys, it looks like a little more than playing. To my understanding the girls are alpines, but don't quote me on that, one has horns and hte other has been budded. Asking price is $125 each, selling as pairs. Like I said I don't really want to sell the wethers but for the price I will. Pictured are the girls
Or $400 for all 4
Please email me and I will get back to you ASAP, I need to sell them NOW and am just wanting to get my money back. I can help with deliver but will need extra money for fuel, my truck gets 8 mpg.
If not SOLD soon I will have to go to "Plan C" which I don't want to do!!! Maybe be willing to trade but CASH is my best freind